Oh no, night shift!

7 Mar


Well, guess what? Night shifts are my thing. I’ve always been a night creature and there is nothing better than working at night!

You wake up at 2 PM w have breakfast 3la rawaga then go to work at 3:30, check your patients schedule (along with your senior Technologist) and wait for everyone to leave so your shift starts. The department becomes literally empty because MRI is the only Radiology department with night shifts. Grab a cup of coffee and focus on getting the right parameters and sequences. You have plenty of time to learn as an intern and your senior will be right there to teach and guide you. Keep doing that till you’re done with the booked outpatients at 9 or so. Get back home, take a shower, sit on your laptop, catch up with your virtual friends and watch your TV shows and stay up as long as you wish 😀

Dear future boss, if there were any night shifts, then I’M YOUR MAN.


KAUST, the Geeks Disneyland

14 Feb

I know it’s been a looong time since I have posted in this blog of mine, and since I had so many people asking about my KAUST trip, I decided to dust off my blog and write a post instead of repeating the whole thing a zillion times. I warn you.. this is gonna be one LONG post with LOTS of pictures of course. 😉

So I was invited to spend one week at KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) from Jan 20th until the 27th to present my research poster which was accepted along with 50 others who were selected from more than 300 world-wide submitters in the “International Research Poster Competition For Undergraduates” as part of the university’s Winter Enrichment Program . My friends Areej and Shahad were accepted as well. We arrived there on Friday 20th and shared a huge villa on the beach, just the three of us. 😀

Our beautiful beach villa

My spacious room

The living room

The WEP committee has arranged special activities for us -the posters competition group consisting of 40 students from different countries-. And we were given a schedule of the WEP for us to choose whatever course/ lecture/ workshop/ lesson we wanted to attend from the program in our free time. (The schedule of the WEP is found here http://wep.acadox.com/). Saturday morning we had a lovely breakfast with the faculty members and we were introduced to each other.

The formal breakfast

We then had our lunch at the dining hall after attending a symposium in the campus auditorium. Their restaurant has various kinds of food, from Asian to Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern food. You could simply find anything you want in there [except for the sushi, or I would’ve declared it the PERFECT restaurant].

Making fresh pasta

The dining hall

The most fun part of the day was the two hours sunset cruise. We had a great time getting to know each other while enjoying the sights of the sea, university and the beacon. 😀

The university buildings and the beacon

The poster competition was on Sunday. So we woke up early and went to the library to hang our posters and get ready till the competition started at 4:30 AM. It was so cool to see everyone dressed up in suits and formal clothes for the competition :D. My research was one of 4 other medical researches among the 40 posters competing. And since the visitors were all either engineers or bioscientists, no one really knew much about what I was talking [which put me in my falsafa mode :p]. Al7amdulillah it went so smoothly and the judges asked casually about our researches.

The posters session at the library

My poster 😀

Oh I must show you how their library looks like. It’s like nothing else i’ve seen in my whole life! The building has won 2 architecture awards and GOD it certainly deserved them! :’)

I don't mind studying 24/ 7 if that's where I'll be doing that :')


We were taken for a group tour to King Abdullah Grand Mosque which was beautifully built that made all the foreign students go crazy shooting pictures of every corner (They even took pictures inside the bathrooms :p). Then we went to the museum. Everything there was interactive and so cool we spent so much time there (divided on two days).

Heading to the grand mosque

The view from the mosque

Museum of Science and Technology in Islam

Al-Jazri's famous elephant clock

One of Al-Jazri's awesome mechanical inventions

On Monday 23rd of Jan, we celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year at the student center where there was an outdoors Chinese musical performance including violin, viola and piano playing. And at the end of the event, there was a launching of a Chinese Lantern and a Dragon Kite at the Harbor Walk. I was expecting lanternS and kiteS like the website said. But turned out there was only one of each lol. It was fun anyway 😀

The Lunar New Year Celebration at The Student Center

Musical performance by some Chinese students

Ahmed trying to fly the dragon kite :p

The next day we went for a VizLab (Visualization Lab) and Corelabs Tour. The VizLab had six-sided virtual reality facility that turns data into 3D structures that students and researchers can interact with and examine as part of their work, with an advanced spatial/surround sound audio system that adapts to match visual images and it was the only known research center of this type in the world!

Computer sciences students also took a special tour to see the supercomputer “SHAHEEN“, which is one of the world’s fastest in an academic environment. Developed with IBM and capable of 222 teraflops, or 222 trillion floating point operations per second O_O

It was the day I realized how much money this university was draining :p Oh god billions and billions. Being financed by the king himself is a great advantage. I honestly felt sorry for the other Saudi universities including my KAU. I mean.. it’s not that the country can’t provide such level of high standards because it CAN. And it can also turn deserts into such a paradise (or shall I say disneyland?). There came a moment when I wished King Abdulaziz was alive to finance KAU by himself.. *sigh*

High definition monitors with the world’s highest resolution (100 million pixels) displaying 6GB image than can be zoomed in to see license plates and mountain climbers!

"The Cave" a set of computers/ monitors/ sensors. Wearing a special hat with a 3D glasses adjusts the 3D scenes to your eyes and lets you walk around a realistic 3D scene.

NMR lab: (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) it has a powerful magnet with field strength of 27 Tesla which is 1 million times the earth's magnetic field! *Much greater than that of an MRI system (1-5 Tesla). It is used to detect magnetically active nuclei (not radioactive)

Water Desalination and Reuse Center

They feed the plants water of different cleanness and monitor their growing

Water Desalination lab

After we were done from the labs tour I felt a significant decrease in my IQ thanks to all the nerds and geeks we met during the day >.<. Anyway, we attended a lecture given by the CEO of AlBaik: Mr. Rami Abu Ghazalah titled “Recipe for Success”. His story was very inspirational and then he received questions from the students regarding his business. The funny part was when a row of students raised signs with “Open AlBaik in KAUST الله يخليك” written on it and the whole audience laughed and applauded in approval 😀 But unfortunately he apologized for not being able to do so because of some reasons regarding the low profits of a KAUST branch.

Recipe for Success by Rami Abu Ghazalah

On Wednesday afternoon, there was a Nanosatellite launching in front of the library. 40 students from the WEP designed and built it and they were launching it with a stratospheric weather balloon that will ascend to 30 Km and survey much of the region around Thuwal.  7amaaaas! 😀

Getting ready in front of the library

It's flyinnnng

At night, there was this sort of a goodbye dinner with the faculty at the Yacht Club. We chatted once more with different doctors and had our dinner in the beautiful weather. Took group pictures and just enjoyed our time together. :’)








I hope you enjoyed my long boring post :p

Oh and for more pictures, check out my Flickr

KAU Graduation Ceremony 2011

20 May

Even though I am graduating this year inshalla from Radiology college, this was not my graduation ceremony. That’s how things go in my dear King Abdulaziz University. They throw the official party one year later. I’m sure they have their reasons whatever they were. So it was technically for the graduates of 2010 (1430/ 1431).

It was the graduation of the dearest person to my heart, and that’s why I attended. After 18 years of marriage and raising children, my mom decided to complete her studies! All the family including my father, me, my sister and my aunts encouraged her to peruse her dream. And so she’s been an external English Literature student since 2006 and graduated last year with a brilliant GPA mashalla. I am so so proud of her :]

For 3 Consecutive days, the graduation ceremony held in the presence of Princess Seetah bint Abdullah (Daughter of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques), deans of faculties, teaching members of staff and a huge crowd of students and their families at the university’s King Faisal Conference Hall.

The first day of the ceremony, Monday, was dedicated to graduates of the faculties of Humanities, and the Higher Diploma program and the Diploma in Education. The second day, Tuesday, was for graduates of the faculties of Economics and Administration, Sciences, Computing and Information Technology. The 3rd day, Wednesday, was for graduates of the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Applied medical sciences, Arts and Home Economics plus Humanities (External students).

I attended on Wednesday. Luckily, it was also the day of Medical colleges graduates and I got to be there for my friends and my cousin.

Everything was well organized and no cameras/ phone cameras were allowed in. Somehow, I succeeded in sneaking my iPhone and managed to take few shots.. Here they are 😀


The stage before the ceremony started. I sat in the middle seat of the last row 😉

Disco moment! All girls were on their feet, waving the flags of Saudi

And so I got on my feet as well and snapped this pic :p

The picture of the day

Congratulations to all the graduates! This is just the beginning of the bright path that’s filled with your hopes and dreams! w 3ogbali next year ya rb 😀

Fikr Annual Exhibition | معرض فكر السنوي

16 May

Saturday 14 May of 2011 was the opening day of the Fikr Annual Students Exhibition at Dar Al-Fikr School in Jeddah, where they displayed their students work in different specialties during the year.

Invitation card

My brother -who is in 8th grade- brought this invitation card and nagged us to show up. So eventually, mom and I went there to check it out. I thought it would be just like any other school exhibition and won’t take more than 20 minutes to scan the showroom. But wow! I was amazed by every little detail of everything there! I spent 2 hours and barely finished it. I’ll let the pictures speak 🙂

Arts section

Arts section




Science section:

Science section

Parts of the science section

Colors & Vision


My fav piece of work

There's my brother's project! The MRI one 😀




Computers section:

Computers section

The first original Macintosh computer vs. the new iMac




Robots section:

They move in an adorable way lol

Racing cars. My cousin in the middle of the picture

I wanted to take him home so badly 😦

Gotta love the water bottle! lol




Other sections:

Math section

Arabic section

Geography & History section

Islamics section

Sports section

As I reached this section, it was time to close the exhibition. So yeah I used the cam's flash ._.




Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The brightest years of my life were wasted in the wrong schooooools! Who knows? I could’ve been a scientist or an inventor by today if I had this much care of my talents and skills. All I can do now is ENVY my brother and his generation, and to hope for a better future for them.

Al-Madinah Trip

20 Nov

Pack your stuff. We found a reservation in an hotel and we’re leaving tomorrow morning!” That’s how dad planned our trip to Al-Madinah.

On Sunday, November 18th, we stuffed the back of our car with bags and took off. The distance between Jeddah and Al-Madinah is like 4 hours by car if -and only if- you never stopped for snacks, prayers or to answer the call of nature. I think we made it in 5 and a half hours..

We got there by night. Checked in the hotel. A room for me and my aunts, Another for mom and dad with the kids. (I am forever thankful to my aunts for saving me from sleeping with my brothers in one room).

Waking up for fajr prayer in Al-7aram was a tough task, but totally worth it.  The cold breeze would hit you and you get the chills while heading to the mosque. Spiritual, peaceful and relaxing.

After fajr prayer. Astonishing, eh?

Since it was Eid vacation, all Jeddah emigrated to Al-Madinah. Most probably to run away from Jeddah’s jam and heat, and ofcourse to pray Al-Eid in the holy mosque. I ran into some friends of mine. And a high school friend! It’s like we never met in Jeddah but destiny have brought us together there.

One thing I love about being in Al-Madinah, is that dad gives me his permission to wander around whenever I like to (finally some freedom :D). So after each prayer, I just go for a walk in the shops area next to al7aram. Qurans, prayer carpets, dates, miswaqs, sub7as and scarfs.. those are the common things they sell. There’s an hotel called “Taibah” just opposite to the mosque, has a mall in it. Not even close to fancy for sure. Even though I rarely end up buying a thing or two, I love hanging there.

My la la land

Tuesday was Eid Al-Ad’dha day. For some reason, this eid has  always been underrated. No new clothes, no greetings and most importantly, NO 3eedeya! But here in Al-Madinah, we at least got the eid prayer to get us into the eid atmosphere. The mosque naturally was crowded and people prayed in its wide yards. There were places where you couldn’t even put your foot in! But it was amazing to be there. To witness the spirit of the eid with a million people gathered in one place..

Female section, outside the mosque

I was aiming for a short post but it came out a bit longer than I expected. I don’t wanna bore you with details, so I’m gonna leave you with the last couple of pictures (all pics were taken by my humble phone, resolution was trashy)

Hope you get to visit Al-Madinah on Hajj vacation one day. Oh and Eid Mubarak everyone! 🙂

A life motivation

13 Oct

My good friend Khawla have pushed me to sign up for twitter for months, but i kept shattering all her hopes of me ever getting one. She kept ranting more and more about this marvelous social network that keeps you updated, entertained and bonded with all your friends.  It’s been like a year and a half since I finally gave up to her naggings and joined twitter. I started following celebrities at first, and it was meh. So again, I dropped it aside for a month. I came back and followed more tweeps, a regular ones. I started sharing my diaries. That’s when I realized the potential of this wonderful website. I spent all of my free time on twitter. I met the awesomest people that I never got the chance to meet them in real life. There were days when I had it open 24 hours on my laptop not to miss any update! I got addicted and it was hard to separate a drug from its addict. Then again, that was not just it. I dumped newspapers that i used to read everyday. I mean, why going after news when it’s all served on a silver plate infront of you?
It was amazing to follow all those geeks, nerds, interesting, talented, all kinds of people. I learned a lot and I owe it to them that my life have changed, to the better. I never had the will to read a book or watch a documentary till I became a “tweep”. I started to absorb some of their awesomeness. I found a new meaning to life through their random tweets and accomplishments. The world is one big place, you gotta stand out and show off your unique self!
Special thanks to my love Khawla, for introducing me to this world.
And thanks to Aziz, for inspiring me to have this post written.
And last, thanks to all of my tweeties and excuse my lousy post. I’m new to this blogging world 🙂